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freeflowingspirit asked: Hello! Just saw you're post and I'd thought I'd drop an ask. Although I haven't requested a DW imagine before! Could I have one with the 10th DoctorxReader? Where the two have been fleeing from krillitanes and they capture her and he fights to get her back?


Eeek! First ask! Woo! [party intensifies] Anyways, thank you so much for participating in my little blog. I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy your request, friend! :D


"Run!" The Doctor yelled and dragged you along. As usual the two of you had been visiting a futuristic time period and came across some trouble. That trouble turned out to be a species called the Krillitane—bat-like creatures that took qualities from other species. The Krillitane had been trying to solve this "Skasis Paradigm" again, according to the Doctor. The two of you had discovered their identities and were running now.

The Doctor suddenly turned a corner and you lost grip of his hand while running forward. “Y/N!” He cried and tried to run back, but the mass of Krillitane were flying towards you at an alarming speed. Instead of trying to reunite with the Doctor, you kept running. The Doctor was forced to keep going down the hall and turned left the first chance he had in order to attempt to meet up with you.

Even after all this time with the Doctor, you still weren’t used to all the running. Your pace started to slow ever so slightly, but you kept pushing on. The sound of their flapping wings got closer by the minute, and you needed somewhere to lose them. At a three-way intersection you turn right down the hall, looking for a room or closet to hide in. But you were out of luck; the doors were all locked because of the lock down the Krillitanes initiated. Along with that, the hall was a dead end.

With no way out, except the window to outside, you were forced against the wall as they closed in on you. In your mind you were imagining the Doctor swooping in to save you, like he always did. The Krillitanes were halfway down the hall… Maybe somehow he would find you, take your hand, and run. Now they were only a few feet away… Maybe it’d be alright. You shut your eyes tight and screamed as the Krillitanes closed in on you.


[Doctor’s POV]

He heard a scream. It seemed far away, much too far away for him to make it in time, but he bolted in the direction it came from. He didn’t know exactly where he was going, but he had to find her. He always promised to keep her safe and to take care of her when she needed it, but the fact that he let go of her hand when he turned that corner made him blame himself even more.


The Doctor heard glass break nearby and sprinted to the source. He spotted the last glimpse of a Krillitane flying out the window. “No!” He cried out and jumped towards the broken window in an attempt to catch the straggling Krillitane. Its tail was only an inch away when he leaned out the window, which only made him angrier. “Gahh!” He ran his hands through his styled brown hair and kicked some glass. “Think think think…” The Doctor muttered and paced in circles.

He finally decided there was only one thing to do, and that was just to march over there and take Y/N by force.


When you woke up, your head was pounding and you couldn’t move your arms or legs. Once your vision was clear, you realize you’re hanging upside down and take a look up at your legs; a silvery-white thread was wound tightly around your whole body, excluding your head. It was as if a giant spider was getting you ready for dinner. You attempted to wiggle, but got no apparent results. Good thing too, because below you was a giant keg of some gold-colored liquid, which was probably meant for your demise.

All around you Krillitanes were hanging by their feet with their wings across their chests like bats. All of them seemed asleep, and you could hear the soft snores of some. Screaming for help didn’t seem like a smart decision; instead, you gaze around the room. It was a dark empty warehouse that had a high ceiling and was probably meant for airplanes or other big vehicles.

Something stirred in the room and caused a loud echo to reach the Krillitanes’ sensitive ears. One after another their small eyes opened, but they didn’t move a muscle and continued to sleep.

"Y/N!" The Doctor whispers from below. Out of all the people to see, the Doctor was definitely the one that made you the happiest at the moment. He started to tip toe off to a metal staircase, but the lights were switched on, and you could hear the bulbs turning on row by row. The Krillitanes’ eyes popped open and they started to hiss at the Doctor.

"How nice of you to join us, Doctor." A voice boomed. It was difficult to find the source, as it came from some unknown speaker. The Doctor stopped dead in his tracks and stood there until the voice ordered him to step forward towards the keg of the gold liquid. "As you know, we’re trying to solve the Skasis Paradigm."

"Ahh yes, but you’ll never solve it. There’s no living thing with both the knowledge and the imagination to solve it.” The Doctor said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"That’s why you’re here.” The unknown Krillitane chuckled and the Doctor’s smug face melted into confusion. With a raise of his eyebrow, the Doctor waited for the Krillitane to explain. “We’d like to offer a deal for you—a trade-off. Your TARDIS,” the Doctor’s eyes widened. “For the girl.”

That was a horrible deal; the Doctor loved the TARDIS with both his hearts, and would do anything to keep her safe. The same goes with his companions, so it was a difficult decision for the Doctor.

"Why do you need the TARDIS?"

"The TARDIS has an abundant amount of knowledge pertaining to multiple fields. And because it’s a time machine, it  possesses an infinite amount of pasts, presents, and futures. All these different outcomes it can calculate and maybe even predict can replace the imagination factor of the Paradigm."

The Doctor glared up at the ceiling, probably thinking that the Krillitane speaking was up here somewhere. You could see him clenching his fists tightly and his shoulders were rigid with anger.

"What will it be, Doctor?"

"I choose her."

"Good! I thought you would comply—" The Krillitane stopped talking abruptly and you notice that the Doctor was striding towards the doors out of there.

"Doctor?" You’re utterly confused. He wasn’t just gong to leave you here… Was he? “Doctor!” You yell, but he never looks back or hesitates.

Before the Doctor reaches the doors, you hear, “Very well,” and before you know it a Krillitane snaps its jaws at the coil of silk that attaches you to the ceiling rafter. Screaming, you fall to the large pot of bubbling, probably piping hot, keg of the mysterious liquid. Memories of your adventures with the Doctor start to flood your mind as you hurdle to your death. All those times you relied on him, trusted him, seem like a lie to you…

Right before you plop in the keg, you hear a familiar groaning noise of a space ship, and smile widely. Instead of landing in the keg of boiling hot liquid, you land in the arms of the Doctor. “Miss me?” He winks and cuts you free from the cocoon.

Once the TARDIS has flown away to safety, you open your mouth to scold the Doctor for scaring you like that. “I’ve told you millions of times: I’d never leave you.” He leans towards you, and instead of giving the usual kiss on the forehead, he kisses your lips…

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givenchyhowell asked: Hey! I saw your notice on the doctor who imagine tag, and I was wondering if I could request? Could you do a 10th doctor imagine (I'm having really bad feels) where him and y/n get into a really bad fight, and then they break up? But then a year later the doctor goes back to her and it's all fluffy? If it's too much you really don't have to do it, I was just asking! x


Of course you can request! :3 Thanks for the request, bud! I appreciate it. :) I’m sorry if it’s a little bad compared to my others—I have no idea what couples argue about and how it goes down, but I tried really hard. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


It was a normal day with the Doctor; hanging around in the TARDIS, and flying to a new world or time to explore. You were actually looking through all the different drawers and compartments that were hiding all kinds of things; some food, even, to your distaste.

Then you came across a drawer with photographs in them, and pulled the small stack out. They were all pictures of a very pretty blond girl, and you were curious as to who it was. “Hey, Doctor, who’s this?” You walked to the other side of the console where he was looking up at the monitor.

He looked over at the pictures and immediately snatched them from your hands. “It’s no one. Don’t worry about it.” You frowned, and jumped to a horrible conclusion.

"You’re not seeing her, are you?”

"What? No!" He realized what you were thinking.

"Then why with all the secrecy?" You snap.

The Doctor looked down at the pictures with remorse and then back to you. “It’s not what you think, Y/N.”


"If you’d let me explain—"

"I don’t need an explanation, Doctor. Take me home."


"Take me home; now.”

"This is just like you, Y/N…" He sighed, and started up the TARDIS.

"What do you mean?"

"You always jump to conclusions! Never let anyone explain anything, just like you’re doing right now!"

"Well, the evidence is pretty clear to me!" You yell back.

"There’s no ‘evidence’ to begin with!"

"You think you’re so clever and smart, don’t you?!”

"That has nothing to do with anything!"

"Take me home!"

"Gladly!" He flips a switch and the TARDIS lurches to the side wildly. You hold on to the edge of the console and could feel your hands shaking from anger.

Once the TARDIS had landed, you grabbed your coat and stormed out without a goodbye. Just as soon as you stepped out of the TARDIS, you heard it disappearing and didn’t even think about looking back as you stormed to your apartment.

When you entered, it was just as you had left it, like you’d only been gone for a couple seconds. The half-eaten slice of pie that you had before you left with the Doctor was still sitting on the dining room table. You picked it up aggressively, and sat yourself down on the couch and ate the rest of it with rage. Once finished, you made your way to the kitchen and practically threw the dishes into the sink.

As you passed the living area you threw your coat onto the couch and ran to your room, slamming the door behind you. Thankfully there was no one there to tell you to not slam the door like a child.

You threw yourself on your bed and curled up in the blankets, hoping that would help with all these emotions in your head right now. It didn’t. You felt a warm tear roll down your cheek, though your face was scrunched up in a frown, and tried hard not to cry even more.


A year later, you were living your life as it was before you left the Doctor. It was peaceful, compared to life in the TARDIS, but it was good. You moved in with a friend of yours and got a job and everything.

However, you couldn’t bring yourself to get back into the dating world. Every time you saw a tall skinny man with similarly styled hair, your heart would jump, thinking—hoping—that it was him. Only to be disappointed when you saw his face. You hoped that it was just the breakup blues, but it persisted for a whole year.

During that one year, you realized that it was all your fault that the relationship with the Doctor ended the way it did. He was right; you wouldn’t listen for an explanation, and always jumped to conclusions. Even on your adventures you jumped to conclusions; like the alliance of some people you met, assuming they were either the enemy or the ally; or assuming you knew the answer to the problems. You weren’t angry at the Doctor anymore, you were angry at yourself.

One morning you were out getting your breakfast before going to work, and ordered the usual: Breakfast sandwich and tea. The cashier had your order ready before you even walked in and you thanked them, handing them exact change. “Have a nice day!”

"Thanks, you too." You smiled and headed out the door. Once you were out on the sidewalk, you looked up across the street and a bus passed in front of your view. You glanced away, but then snapped your head back because a familiar figure appeared. Standing with his hands in his pockets was that tall skinny man you’d been seeing since you left him. His hair was styled up in the usual gelled messy spikes and the Converse and suit combination you never understood. Your tea slipped from your hands and hit the ground almost silently.

"Doctor?" You couldn’t believe it was him. It had to be a hallucination. You blinked, and pinched yourself, but he still stood in the same spot. “Doctor.” You repeated, and he smirked. “Doctor!” You looked down the street for any traffic and ran. Just like you did when traveling with him, you ran as fast as you could into his arms.

You almost knocked him over with your embrace, and started to apologize. “I’m so sorry. I was foolish, and stupid, and—It’s all my fault!” You didn’t let go and dug your face into his chest. “Why are you here?” You wondered, and pulled away for him to explain.

"It wasn’t the same after you left. I couldn’t eat, sleep—I couldn’t think. It felt dead.” He looked into your eyes sadly. “I realized I couldn’t live without you by my side, Y/N. I’m willing to live with and past your faults if you’re willing to come back with me.” You felt tears coming back, and nodded. “Plus, the TARDIS missed you.” You laughed, and wiped a tear from your cheek.

"I don’t think I can apologize enough for what I did. It was stupid and foolish, and I need to be more trusting of you. I’m really sorry, Doctor.” You still couldn’t believe it; the Doctor had come back for you. It confused you just as much as it made you happy. If you were him, you wouldn’t come back for you; you’d want a partner that’s more trusting and able to think things through. It was just something you were going to have to change.

The Doctor then leaned down and kissed you in response. You rested your hand on his cheek and returned the kiss. All you could think about was the time you’d be spending with the Doctor, and how it was all going to be okay. Something about this moment just felt like it was completing you.

When you parted, the Doctor smiled and entwined his fingers with yours. “The TARDIS missed you as well, Y/N. I think we should pay her a visit.” You laughed, and leaned in closer to him as you two walked down the lane; leaving behind the untouched breakfast you’d just purchased on the cold sidewalk.

It should go without saying, but don’t repost. Just reblog it. I’d be very disappointed and mad that my work was uncredited.